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Grums, Bamboo Toothbrush, white

Grums bamboo toothbrush is a eco-friendly toothbrush made with quality and sustainability in mind. The bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable while the bristle is BPA-free and soft which allows you an effective but gentle toothbrushing. The grums bamboo toothbrush is a sustainable alternative which benefits both you and the environment. Furthermore, the packaging is 100% biodegradable.Bamboo is a more sustainable material since it is a fast growing plant with many purposes. Furthermore, is it beneficial to make use of a bamboo toothbrush as bamboo is a more hygenic choice because the material can have a protecting and resistant effect on bacterias.

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Additional information

Additional information


Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush with soft BPA-free brush.


Environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging that minimizes the environmental impact.




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