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HEVI Sugaring, Bodysugaring Starter, 100 g.

HEVI Sugaring starter set with 100 g. Body sugaring, 6 pcs. strips, 1 pc. spatula and instructions for use. With this set you can try bodysugaring with all the accessories you need for a modest amount. Bodysugaring is an organic, Swan- and allergy-labeled hair removal product produced exclusively from natural ingredients consisting of sugar and water. The product can be used by both women and men to remove hair growth all over the body. On arms, legs back, face, intimate areas and armpits. With sugaring, you move the hairs out at the root, which minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs and beard plague. It also takes longer for them to grow back (up to 4 weeks). When they grow out, it is soft new hair that does not feel like hair stubble. This is how you maintain the smooth result for a long time and do not have to think about hair removal in everyday life. In addition, the sugar wax removes all dead skin cells during treatment and therefore leaves a silky-soft result. You can heat HEVI Sugaring in a microwave, water bath or with a HEVI heater. Optimal working temperature with the sugar wax is approx. 45-50 degrees

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Additional information


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100 g.


Sucrose *, glucose *, fructose *, Aqua, Sodium Chloride.

* = Organic ingredients
89% of the ingredients are organic.

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